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School Services: Curriculum

Master Mind is aware of the growing need within the school for excellence in the area of curriculum development. This is an overwhelming endeavor that requires a tremendous amount of time, passion, and skill in each given area. Therefore, we have experts that can partner with your institution to bridge this gap. We provide services in all of the following areas:

  • Textbook Evaluation/Implementation
  • Professional Development
  • Accreditation Planning
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Identifying Achievement Gaps
  • Content Enhancement
  • Strategic Academic Planning
  • Objective Analysis of Academic Structure
  • Applying for Title Funds/Grants
  • Developing Scope and Sequence
  • Ensuring Continuity
  • Reading across the Content Areas
  • Test Integration
  • Grade-Level Concept Checklists
  • Entrance and Exit Examinations

If this type of service would be an asset to your academic endeavors, contact us to set up a consultation to review your current situation and plan for a promising future.

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